George Konetes, Ph.D.

Pastor George is the founder of the first structured Christian Movie Ministry training curriculum and oversees the largest Christian Movie platform in the nation focused on true stories.


In 2012 George and his wife Jen founded True Story Christian, a web platform and community focused on finding, organizing, reviewing, and getting truth filled films into the hands of as many people as possible. After coming to realize that getting the films out there was only a small part of the need, George began to focus himself and his educational and ministry experience toward developing the first ever structured Movie Ministry training.

With the development of the Great Commission Workshop video series, George called attention to the amazing opportunity available to reach this generation and culture for Christ. Prayerfully utilizing Bible principles, he launched a Movie Ministry training program aimed at equipping tens of thousands to fulfill their part of the Great Commission.


George has a passion to learn and to teach. He serves as the Director of Christian Education at his local church where he has developed and teaches the curriculum for their adult Bible training center. Prior to, he served as the Director of Young Adult Ministry for nearly seven years. George began in the ministry in 2008 and was officially credentialed as a Pastor/Teacher in 2014.


In 2011 George received his Ph.D. in Communications Media and Instructional Technology which further built upon a M.A. in Adult Education and Communications Technology, both from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Having served as a University Professor since 2009, George has been privileged to teach at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and is currently an Adjunct Professor at Pennsylvania State University. He has also had the opportunity to develop university courses, curriculum, and pioneer new educational programs.


In addition to these positions, George also serves churches, ministries, and similar organizations on a global scale as the Director of Digital Media at Infinity Concepts, a Communications Agency in Pittsburgh, PA, with a focus on helping Christian clients fulfill their vision and calling.

In addition to being an active small group leader, George has helped develop small group curriculum materials, training for ministry leaders, and specialized pastoral resources that have been implemented on a national scale by prominent organizations.


George is a Christian movie aficionado, husband, and runner who enjoys, reading, gardening, cooking, and roasting his own coffee. But first and foremost, he strives to seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness.

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