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Christian Movie Ministry FeaturedA Christian Movie Ministry is an ordinary thing that God can use to accomplish the extraordinary. It is a simple idea that can be applied in a multitude of ways.  In short, it is how believers can use films as a tool for the Gospel.

There are dozens of different kinds of Christian Movie Ministries. Some involve official church based groups, some involve teams of like hearted people, but most are made up of Christ minded individuals like you.

This is not just about watching movies however. It is about prayer, relationships, and using films as tool to share what God placed in your heart.  Some films open doors for testimonies, some create opportunities to ask questions, and many provide a common ground for fellowship.

For years we have been using Christian Movie Ministry to share stories of what God has done and what He is like. We have seen hearts opened and lives changed through this simple but powerful ministry. And we have developed many different and specialized ways of using these films to build up the body of Christ and to proclaim the Gospel.

Here are three examples of the many ways a movie ministry can be used:

  • You could start a Movie Ministry in your church, to reach the lost or to engage those who have cooled down in their faith.  Or even to wake up those who are active in Christian culture but have never truly committed their lives to Jesus Christ and understand what it means to have a personal relationship with God.
  • Perhaps you have it in your heart to put together a small group of fellow believers and use Christian films as focal point to study and grow in different areas such as leadership, family values, evangelism, or missions.
  • God may have placed it in your heart to share your faith with friends or family and Christian movie ministry can be the tool that you need to start conversations form a common ground to start or grow in fellowship.

Part of our mission is to help equip you to launch and succeed in this type of ministry. Whether it is one of these three examples or one of dozens of other approaches, we want to help and encourage you; to use every tool that is available to you for God’s glory.

We provide training, resources, and curriculum to help create Christian Movie Ministries around the world.

For more information, updates on upcoming trainings, and resources, please enter your best email address below. From this day forward you will be on the cutting edge of Christian Movie Ministry.

In Christ,

George Konetes

George Konetes

A Christian movie aficionado, professor, pastor, husband, and communications professional, George has a passion to learn and to teach. As the founder of True Story Christian he works, writes, and advocates to share what God has done through film.
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